"Kite demonstrates the talent and dedication to write a 'Hit Song'."
- Jim Halsey, President, Billboard World Song Contest.

Kite ImageKite are from the small Caribbean island of Barbados and have been strutting their stuff since 2004, receiving wide radio airplay and developing a large, loyal following through their live performances.


Kite got together in Barbados in 2003 and after their honourable mention at the Billboard World Songwriting Contest in 2003, they released of their debut album, 'Up In The Air', in 2004 and got consistent regional radio airplay from then on. 'Up In The Air' saw them working with top Caribbean producer Jeremy Harding (Sean Paul producer/manager). The spot-on combination of big, radio-ready songs and use of steel pan and 'vintage' Reggae guitar in their 'iLandRock' sound made a big impression on the booming music scene in the Caribbean. They just didn't sound like anybody else. They just sounded right (or 'tight', as they say in the Caribbean').

Kite Festival

Kite ImageKite headlined Culture Shock, the Caribbean's premier international pop/rock festival on the beach in Bridgetown, Barbados featuring bands from the U.S.A., Canada, The U.K., Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados. They also returned in from the Florida Music Festival where they were the only band from outside North America selected to showcase and after their performance were signed to a deal by RipTide Music from LA.


Kite Image Kite's song 'Firefly'then featured on US television CBS' show 'Ghost Whisperer'; 'Wake Up' and 'Up In The Air'featured on Canadian TV show 'Degrassi' in 2007; In 2008 'Firefly' was featured on the trailer for the movie 'The Stone Angel' (starring Oscar Winner Ellen Burstyn and Academy Award Nominee Ellen Page) and later in 2008 on CBS Prime Time show 'Jericho'. Their new album, 'Thirteen Degrees North', has completely set them apart in the Caribbean and includes videos to 'Firefly' and 'Light From A Dead Star' which can be viewed on their MySpace Page

Kite Cast

Kite's music continues to grow, with their song 'Fading Fast' featuring Barbadian rapper Billy Kincaid receiving airplay on BBC's 1Extra radio show, and 'Firefly' charting at #21 on the Garageband Pop/Rock charts during 2008.

Kite Wire

Kite are currently recording their new EP, 'Drive-In of Dreams', and play support for James Blunt on January 14, 2009.

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